Some Important Parts Of Computer Input And Output Devices | कंप्यूटर के कुछ महत्वपूर्ण भाग इनपुट और आउटपुट डिवाइस


This is the main components of the computer system where all electronics components integrated together and support to make computer system run is situated and set there like RAM, ROM, processor and many more…..!


This is set inside and set the fan face to outside so that whatever that generated by the CPU may get colder…!

 [Central Processing Unit].. this is set inside the computer system used to processor the data or information taken as input by the user….!


This is a primary  memory (Volatile in nature) in the form of chip is integrated with a slot in Motherboard…….!


This is Clip with BIOS information integrated with a slot in Motherboard..

this is non-volatile and contains BIOS information used in booting process…..!

Graphics Card

 This is adapter card used to link Monitor to CPU.. Whatever task is being performed in the CPU can be viewed and displayed to monitor with he help of this…..!   

These slots are used to connect any extra devices or interface with the computer system you want to connect… This is used to enhance the capability of a computer system in case i you connect any extra interface or feature…!

Central Processing Unit…..[CPU]

Processing Device means calculation comparisons and decisions.. the processing devices are Central Processing Unit [CPU] ; also called Microprocessor is a small chip in Computer  which receive Input and provide Output .. It is composed of silicon and contains millions of transistors for e.g.  Pentium, Dual core, Core 2 Duo, Core i3,i5, i7 etc. It consist ALU, CU and MU (Memory Unit)

Arithmetic Logic Unit [ALU]…..!

It  Does all the operation as per the Direction whether arithmetical or logical upon the data or information and send that  to memory unit from their the control unit sends back the result to the output media through buses as per the user direction…..! 

Control Unit:…………! 

Decode instruction and determines which is next to be executed. Control unit is a Part of the processor that is in-charge and it directs the Computer system to execute stored program instruction….!

Memory Units ……………..!

In this unit, The data are stored during the processing. its speed is faster access than memory, formally we calls this Registration too. It is far aster than main memory white execution it is very near to processor….!    

 This is path medium for information entering or exiting the CPU…..!

Keyboard, Mouse and VDU Keyboard…..!
The Keyboard look like a typewrite; kind of input device. The characteristics of key Board are;- 
It Contains all the letter of the alphabets numbers and some special symbols……!

  • It operators like a typewriter keyboard, keypad, but instead of moving a arm, which strikes the paper,  it sends an electronics impulse to the computer, which displays a character on the monitor..
  • Keypad contains ; Alphabets, Number, Special Symbol Functional Keys, And QWERTY Keyboard..
  • On key press it sends a code [ASCII] (American Standard Code for Information Interchange to the CPU…!


It is a devices that is used to control the computer, kind o input device. The characteristics of mouse are, 
  • A cable connects the mouse to the computer. When the mouse is moved on a pad, the cursor moves on the screen…!
  • A cursor is a small symbol displayed on the Computer screen (normally a diagonal arrows that is used as a pointer) that shows you that what that mouse is referencing on the screen..
  • It points & Click with two Buttons and wheel. Normally left Click or Select/Run and Right Click to Generate Menu…!

VDU[Visual Display Unit] Monitor :-

This is an Output device. There are two types of the soft Output Device; Audio Output device for eg Visual Output devices . VDU is a Visual soft Output devices and used for the getting soft visual Output on screen . It measured diagonally from one corner of the screen to the opposite corner  VDU can be categorized into two types on the basis of technology the first one is CRT and second is LCD…..!
The Details are as under :-
  1. CRT (Cathode Ray Tube)…………!


 this is television-like screen where the result of a Computer’s takes are displayed. In this technology Cathode Ray falls on florescence screen and by deflecting rays make picture. There are two types of CRTs:….
  • Monochrome : Also called black and white.
  • Color : It has three different phosphors which emit red, green, and blue light respectively and due to the RGB color picture appears in colored view..  

(ii) LCD[Liquid Cristal Display) 

This VDU is thin flat and having light modulating technology. 
It is two Types : 

  • TFT [Thin Film Transfer] It is a variant of LCD and makes matrix but not self lighting…!
  • LED [Light Emitting Diode] It is self back light emitting technology; Picture quality is better…!

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